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Property marketing services include, among others, exhibitions, advertising, conventions about the property, or the first offer the property according to a written agreement between the assignor with brokerage property. Consulting services and dissemination of information in dehradun properties in dehradun, among others, include consultation and dissemination of information or provide advice on suitable properties written agreement between the assignor with brokerage property. The business activities of property trading intermediary can only be done by a national company. Brokerage property can cooperate with companies from abroad only through a franchise system (franchise) in accordance with the legislation.

In carrying out its activities, brokerage property must make a contract/agreement in writing with the assignor.

The written agreement must at least contain:

1. The scope of the activities assigned;

2. The property object;

3. The rights and obligations of the parties;

4. The value or percentage and manner of payment of commission;

5. The period of validity of the agreement includes an active period and a passive;

6. settlement of disputes.

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