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How to Choose Furniture of Metal

To be able to perform and in harmony with the space that will be used, we should be how to choose the right furniture of metal, for the space using modern and minimalist style dining room designs, more suitable to choose furniture made of aluminum or stainless steel. If you are more interested in logam from wrought iron should be combined with other materials, for example seats on the seat is made of foam covered with a layer of fabric or synthetic leather, preferably when the table at the top using a clear glass or transparent, while the space using traditional and classic style is more suitable to wear the metal of wrought iron that you can use in the dining room designs.

Metals have properties harder than wood so if placed on a particular floor can cause scratches, such as hardwood floors are a flooring material most vulnerable if given the furniture of this type because the furniture of this metal on the bottom should be given a layer of rubber or plastic. Especially for furniture seats all parts using metal, wrought iron nicer especially if placed outside the room eg patio, garden or gazebo.