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How to Shave With A Single Blade Razor

In principle, shave using a single blade / single blade, either using razors or shavers more using a single blade only requires three directions of movement, but in practice, the three directions of movement can be something as complex given the structure of the face and direction of growth each person’s hair is different. One shaver that can be used is Straight Edge Razor. A razor that frequently used by barber shop is made of stainless steel which is nice so that makes this razor is not easily corroded and secured its sharpness.

Here are some basic techniques in shaving:

– Shaving unidirectional path to grow hair (With the grain)
In Straight razor, only the power required to put down the knife as close to the skin at an angle of approximately 20 degrees.

– Shaving from the side of hair growth
This second phase serves to reach the bristles that can not be reached in the first step, angle pieces can be from the right or left to grow hair.

– Shaving hair growth from the opposite direction
This stage is the stage where most people give up using a single blade and double blade prefers.